On the eve of the 2017 Tasmanian State League season we can often get caught up in the stress and hype of the world. A lot of the time we tend to focus on the negatives surrounding us. We often forget how far we have come and the good things that are going on around us.

At the Demons we are continually pushing the limits on creating initiatives that give opportunities for our people to grow and learn and become the best they can.
Below are two clips to give you a little insight into what the Demons have been up to in the off season. In your spare time take a look and share it with your networks to promote what opportunities the TSL is giving young people in our community. We are challenging the issues in society head on through life experience.

Watching the clips I urge you to look at the faces of the people, and you will get an insight into their investment in the Demons but also what they are getting out of the Demons experience also.
We would like to thank all of those involved in making the programs a success, the volunteers, program partners, and the players for their investment.

David & Goliath “Find a Way” Camp Bruny Island 2017.

Hobart City Demons Cultural Leadership Program 2016 – AFL Cape York Chris Johnson Cup – New Mapoon

Thank you to Richard Mitchell – Jumpshots and Matin Duffy – DuffTV for the editing support.