Donations, bequests and fundraising activities form an important role in the AFL Cape York fulfilling its mission and goals.

AFL Cape York  welcomes donations from its graduates, staff, individuals, governments and agencies, the business community and other organisations which support its Mission.

Donations may be used to support any endeavor consistent with the mission and goals of the AFL Cape York  including scholarships, prizes, research, staff positions and community outreach, or to acquire equipment or fund capital works. The funds may be expended completely or maintained as an endowment.

This  applies to all donations, bequests and fundraising activities (be they in cash or kind) and to anyone who is involved in the raising or receipting of funds donated for AFL Cape York purposes.

This policy does not apply to sponsorship.  Grants to AFL Cape York by the Australian Government, state and local governments, are not covered by this statement.

If you would like to make a donation you can do so through the Pay Pal  click on the link below. If you would prefer to donate directly please contact us on adminmanager@aflcapeyork.com.au