Boys COC
  • You MUST attend school in accordance with school policy – NO SCHOOL, NO AFL
  • You MUST be a reasonable and active participant in the daily activities of the school community.
  • You MUST respect other students, teachers, officials and their thoughts and wishes
  • You MUST be an active participant in class and out of classroom activities
  • You MUST abide by the school uniform and individual presentation policy at all times
  • You MUST set an example as a responsible and positive role model in the schools sport program
  • You MUST have No recent history of violence, bullying or aggressive behaviour
  •  You MUST have No recent history of substance abuse, alcohol, smoking, sniffing etc
  •  You MUST at all times respect, officials, teammates, opponents and spectators when you are participating in training and games
  • You MUST commit to scheduled training programs when preparing for school events as requested by your AFL school co ordinator
  •  You MUST follow team rules and guidelines, team comes before personal aspirations
  •  You MUST comply with boarding house rules and regulations and be an active participant in the day to day activities
  •  You MUST conduct yourself as a positive role model and leader amongst other boarding students
  •  You MUST respect boarding house staff officials and volunteers

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