The following statement sets out the corporate governance framework adopted by the Board of AFL Cape York Limited and highlights the work undertaken by the Board and its Committees over the past financial year.

Corporate governance is at the core of the Board’s approach to the enhancement of services

AFL Cape York is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices in the critical areas of financial reporting, remuneration reporting and corporate governance meet high levels of disclosure and compliance.

The Board has adopted corporate governance policies and practices consistent with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Second Edition)

The Company structure is set out in this section. The Company is wholly owned by AFL Queensland, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AFL. AFL Queensland has ultimate say in respect of each aspect of the Company’s operations as the sole member of the Company to the extent that it can appoint and remove Directors. The members of the Board of Directors are appointed by AFL Queensland and are responsible for most of the important decisions which the Company is required to make, usually after consultation with AFL Queensland. It also acts as an advisory body for AFL Queensland.

The Board of Directors can override the wishes of AFL Queensland if they believe that they are acting in the best interests of the Company and/or the programs run by the Company. The Company sources suitable Directors based on the skills and experience they can bring to the Company and who have personal qualities consistent with the objects of the Company.

The Program Manager usually sources and recommends appropriate prospective Directors. The Cairns Office is headed by the Program Manager, who is employed by AFL Queensland and is responsible for the programs conducted by the Company.
Administration and finances are managed by the Administration Manager. AFL Development Officers and other staff are employed as required by the Program  Manager. Other staff are recruited as required for the company’s programs, and the number of staff, the job descriptions and mix is likely to change as the Company’s operations evolve.

The Board is accountablefor the strategic direction of the Company and the pursuit of value creation for AFL Capeyork .The Board delegates the implementation of its strategy to AFL CAPE YORKS management within a formal delegation framework. However, the Board remains ultimately responsible for corporate governance and the affairs of the Company.

While at all times the Board retains full responsibility for guiding and monitoring the Company, in discharging its responsibilities, it makes use of Board Committees to perform certain of its functions and to provide it with recommendations and advice.

Stakeholder and Participant Engagement

AFL Cape York utilises the following principles in the implementation of a public participation or stakeholder engagement process for the programs, services and partnerships .
• Providing meaningful information in a format and language that is readily understandable and
tailored to the needs of the target stakeholder group(s)
• Providing information in advance of consultation activities and decision making
• Disseminating information in ways and locations that allow ease of access by stakeholders
• Respect for local traditions, languages, time frames, and decision making processes
• Two way dialogue that gives both sides the opportunity to exchange views and
information, to listen, and to have their issues heard and addressed
•Inclusiveness in representation of views, including women, vulnerable
and/or minority groups
• Processes free of intimidation or coercion
• Clear mechanisms for responding to people’s concerns, suggestions, and grievances
• Incorporating feedback into project or program design, and reporting back to stakeholders
The Program Manager and line managers have a responsibility to ensure the principles are implemented in their areas and maintain relevant records.